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Celia Kibler


Celia Kibler is a ray of hope and harmony for families worldwide. She holds the vision of eradicating yelling from ten million homes. She has successfully raised five children and nine grandchildren that gives her the experience and wisdom needed to replace yelling with peaceful methods of raising children. Her writings have the impression of her first hand experience of parenting in a blended family. 

Celia applies her real life experiences in her professional life perfectly to guide families to move from turmoil to tranquility. She strives to provide every child a future of confidence and self worth. 

Her strategies are not merely theoretical frameworks but practical solutions to practical problems. She provides a 21 day program to bring a revolutionary change in every family stuck in the vicious cycle of yelling and subsequent trauma in adults. The steps provided by her are aimed at immediate, profound and lasting impact in families. 

Celia’s methods are simple yet transformative. She lays out the essence of a yell-free, joy-filled home. Let Celia Kibler guide you to the family harmony you deserve.

How My Work Will Benefit You

As a dedicated parenting coach, my mission is to empower parents and guardians with actionable wisdom.

I constantly ask, "How can we raise our children to be their best selves?"
My principle is simple: discover effective parenting strategies and distill them into practical, everyday applications.

My Guidance covers essential topics like

How to foster resilient and positive habits in your children

How to guide children in making wise choices and steering clear of pitfalls

How to balance a busy family schedule while prioritizing quality time

How to nurture your child’s potential without succumbing to the pressure of perfection

How to establish routines and systems that promote a harmonious household

Above all, I'm about turning theory into practice for day-to-day parenting wins.
My role is to identify what’s truly beneficial from my set of experiences, and present it in a manner that's both understandable and impactful.

Progress in parenting, much like in humanity, is about building on the collective wisdom of generations. In contributing to this "parental legacy," my aim is to bring about a generational revolution of ‘no yelling parenting’.

I don't have all the solutions; parenting is as much a journey for me as it is for you. But I am eager to share the strategies and lessons that have eased out my journey.

Begin your journey by exploring my Instagram reels and Youtube lives or delve into my specialized parenting guides.

Stop Yelling Course

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