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Image by Jessica Rockowitz

Meet Celia Kibler

Celia Kibler is a ray of hope and harmony for families worldwide. She holds a vision of eradicating yelling and aggression from ten million homes.


Celia has successfully raised five children within a blended family and has 9 grandchildren amounting to over 41 years of real-life parenting experience. In combination with her over 50 years of professional and educational experience, Celia teaches a parenting system that is both peaceful and respectful, educating parents so that they can equip children with the necessary tools, understanding and emotional intelligence to thrive in an adult world filled with diverse challenges.

Celia applies her real life experiences in her professional life perfectly to guide families to move from turmoil to tranquility. She strives to provide every child a future of confidence and self worth. 

Her strategies are not merely theoretical frameworks but practical solutions to practical problems.


She provides a 21 day program to bring a revolutionary change in every family stuck in the vicious cycle of yelling and subsequent trauma in adults.


The steps provided by her are aimed at immediate, profound and lasting impact in families. 

How Can Celia Help Parents?

Building Strong and Positive Relationships

Discover strategies to strengthen the bonds of love and respect with your children, creating a nurturing environment for their growth and development.

Empathetic Understanding & Communication

Learn the art of empathetic listening and effective communication, key tools in understanding and addressing your child’s needs and emotions.

In Creating a Supportive Family Network

Adopting a family-wide approach, you will all master techniques that foster belonging and mutual support, ensuring all family members feel valued, respected and heard.

Promoting Global Awareness and Kindness

Teach your children the importance of kindness, tolerance, and preparing them to be compassionate members of the global community.

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