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On a Mission to Stop 10 Million Parents from Yelling

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Meet Celia Kibler


Celia is a mom of 5, grandma of 9, author, speaker, and family empowerment coach. She holds 40+ years of parenting experience and has been working with kids and parents ever since with the noble mission to stop over 10 million parents from yelling at their kids.


Through counseling with parents, she strives to provide successful techniques and strategies to eliminate yelling and establish harmony in every family. Her Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Pages are endowed with simple, actionable, and doable steps that create immediate, recognizable, and sustainable success in your home.

List Title


Celia has treasured her wisdom and experience of parenting in her series of books. Each of her books provides guidance as to bringing peace and harmony to families.

The books are a perfect blend of insights, practical advice as well and a little touch of humor.


Celia offers books for both parents as well as kids.

Raising Happy Toddlers is a step-by-step guide to parenting and raising toddlers who are happy and responsible adults of the future. This book is available in English & Spanish.
Wisdom of Heroes is an amalgamation of a diverse range of contributors, including Celia Kibler, who was interviewed on a global podcast. 


Get these books today and turn your family around into a peaceful, joyous and happy family with an environment that promotes growth and development.

Celia Kibler's Trio of Ventures

One Non-Profit and Two Dynamic Brands


A global movement celebrated annually on April 5 every year to promote peace and non-violence through education and awareness.


A mission to stop yelling in households and provide as many parents as possible with doable, practical and effective strategies to create a healthy harmonious environment for children to grow in.

Funfit Family Fitness.png

An initiative to provide fitness and growth programs with tools to become healthy, active and happy adults in a positive and accepting atmosphere.

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